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TeamCohutta1 21 minutes ago

The title of tonight's Arrow episode, Inmate 4587, is an easter egg. In Legends of Tomorrow, it was the pass for Felicity's warehouse and a cell number, and it was Vince Terranova's identity code in the classic Wiseguy, of which Arrowverse creator Marc Guggenheim is a big fan.

stevenlhargrove 35 minutes ago

I should stop before i get lynched in these comments by the opposing end of the spectrum but my final comment will be an example of what i just said about the characters. ITs like saying Batman for example is being twisted for liberal propaganda because he doesnt like guns even thought thats his character that is who he is. The only people seeing the Liberal Propaganda seem to always be the people who disagree with whats being said and again if you agree with a superhero your usually in the wrong morality wise. concluded done

stevenlhargrove 39 minutes ago

TBH i dont even know why i made and account to say this shit maybe i thought i could make people understand a little but as my main point this whole time has been its a FREAKING SHOW NOT REAL. I DONT CARE IF MELISSA BENOIST DOESNT LIKE TRUMP AND HER CHARACTER SAYS SIMILAR SHIT. HER CHARACTER IS NOT INFLUENCING PEOPLE. AND EVEN IF IT WERE SHE IS PLAYING SUPERGIRL WHICH AGAIN IS LIKE THE MOST HELPFUL, FREEDOM SEEKING< PEACE WANTING HERO EVER along with superman her opinions are not out of character for the show she is in.

stevenlhargrove 43 minutes ago

@yumyummy420 and this is where people start splitting hairs....look man i know there are libtards i get it people on both sides take meaningful things that matter and fuck around with them there is no capital "L" liberalism and non capital l liberalism its all liberalism as my definition states Liberals espouse a wide array of views depending on their understanding of these principles, conservatives do the same thats not the point my point is people now or does use that word not in two different contexts but to lump any and all that want equality and freedom that makes sense like equal treatment of women and men, different religions, and races, etc with those that say oh that joke about gays its offenseive im hurt inside. i Get that there are people on both ends that take things extreme i like im a little in the center you can be conservative on some issues and liberal on others thats why i dont give myself a title im just a person with an opinion which according to @llllllll im not allowed to share on this random pirated tv show website forum.

yumyummy420 an hour ago

liberal with a small "l" is what you described...hellfist was talking about liberal with a capital "L" and their propagandisation of all forms of entertainment

stevenlhargrove an hour ago

and @roguexx that was literally my first comment it is a show

stevenlhargrove an hour ago

really @llllllllllll whatever your name is i didnt put any opinions i gave the wikipedia definiton of libralism and i listed positive american values as opposed to negative american values. if you want my opinion i could go in on the president, our foreign policy etc. all i said was liberals believe in freedom and the bad guys in comic related materials are bad guy...BAD GUYS not good guys there not the heroes there the villains and if you agree with the villain your usually in the wrong plz point out to me the statement you believe is my opinion and not just factual statements i could prove with evidence.

alltv 10 hours ago

s17 e 03 --


@stevenlhargrove Your the type of person who would put there opinions into a television show if you got the chance just like you have here. now.

strangewuv 13 hours ago

I thought it was a good episode. It looks like supergirl really has her work cut out for her this season.

Hellfist 13 hours ago

It is to not the original show and does not even have a bit of chemistry the first had, alienating all the original cast and fans was not a good move. And the writer from jane the virgin really people just so sad this will be lucky to make a season with the total disaster that this mess is

roguexx 16 hours ago

its just a TV show guys, its not real, get over it.....Americans!!! (just kidding on that last bit, i love you yanks really lol)

roguexx 16 hours ago

Agh look, the comments thread has turned into a political debate.

stevenlhargrove 20 hours ago

And if your not ok with those things.....your unamerican. America should stand for hope, freedom, and peace..... not bigotry, hatred, and violence. if you disagree go read some letters and works by george washington and the founding fathers relearn what freedom is and come back to me

stevenlhargrove 20 hours ago

said this last season when people went of the rails about the "politics" of the show.... it is a freaking show @Hellfist a show about supergirl the cousin of superman who even if you were the shittiest or best individual you would be saved and treated fairly the politically views in the show while they may run concurrent to the actors or directors view of modern REAL let me say it again REEEEAAALLL politics might be similar it is still a show no one watches supergirl and says oh well in this fictional universe with people who take bullets the chest there making a politically statement i should listen to people no what realism is...however while i haven't watched this episode yet i can say i assume you clearly think its OK to do whatever the "BAD MEN" are doing which if i know how comics and these shows work your in the wrong friend. AND on another note I hate how people throw around the term liberal now or dude do you even know what liberals believe its this: Liberalism is a political and moral philosophy based on liberty and equality. Liberals espouse a wide array of views depending on their understanding of these principles, but they generally support civil rights, democracy, secularism, gender and race equality, internationalism and the freedoms of speech, the press, religion and markets

Hellfist 20 hours ago

This episode just seemed very kind of dumb, with a bit of info for the overall arch. The new inside look is cool, very un doctor who's like but that's is how this whole season is going.

darkharvest 20 hours ago

s6 e2

Hellfist 21 hours ago

Oh and if you have seen a predator then this will be like watching a sort of a rerun, unoriginal episode .

Hellfist 21 hours ago

And the agenda liberal politics just keeps on getting more obvious, might as well just said in the show that they hated america. Other wise was entertaining, still all the men in the show seem to not have a dick or are evil.

ruud 21 hours ago

I was a bit surprised by this show, i was afraid this was going to be more religious propaganda , but i was wrong this feels A LOT like the Jim Carry movies Bruce almighty, and the first 2 episodes where a lot of fun to watch, i give it a 7 out of 10

ruud a day ago

Netflix is doing well whit there original mini series, i really enjoyed these episodes, you have to really get in to the story, so don't just stop whit 1 episode the whole story reveals itself, in a slow pase and is interesting enough to peak your interest, for the Horror fans out there you will find A LOT of links to other famous horror story's like Red Rose ( 2002 ) movie and other movies, so yes this is story we horror fans already know, but is well done, IT is a bit heavy on the Drama, for that reason alone i was hoping that the house was going to leave no survivors ;-) so i give this a 7 out of 10

ruud a day ago

Top link by marv3l is the correct one ! must say i did enjoy the first episode , lead actresses are not super models, lots of funny comments, but the episode felt a bit fast, big story in 55 minutes to short for a pilot

darkharvest a day ago

s17 e3

Mike2018 a day ago

that is not the new 2018 charmed its the pilot episode from the 1998–2006 Series, someone please fix

darkharvest a day ago

s23 e7

Kruciphix a day ago

Oh and you are nice to offert to upload episode when the links aren't working but pls stop talking about matrilinear and hashisei we get it you don't like them.. We use the links that we want so it doesn't matter what you think or what i think everyone is choosing witch link they are gonna use by themselves...

Kruciphix a day ago

LOL Tonia1 many of your links doesn't allow adblock it's even worst and i use hai5hi5ei links over a 200 time at least and NEVER catched a virus.... There is something called anti-virus that you can use (avast is free) and there is adblock you can also use.. I could report your links since yours doesn't allow adblock and it's more dangerous that way. And btw hashisei has always 720p qualiy maybe they are bots (I don't know) but at least hashisei's links are not the problem..

Tonia1 a day ago

@BigGunn if you wanna help, report every link of them, with flag

Tonia1 a day ago

@BigGunn, a lot of people send a message about that. Hasjisei and martilnear are not only bots, are dangerous virus spam bots, It's ok my friend, you can watch from any yploader you want except from those two

BigGunn a day ago

Tonia1, I owe you an apology. You were right about the links. Got a trojan from one of them. :(

Elfling a day ago

Thanks Tonia1 :)

Tonia1 a day ago
Tonia1 a day ago

@Elfling uploaded :)

Elfling a day ago

can anyone upload this season?

vstrom 2 days ago

any one that liked "Sons of Anarchy", will love this too... Excellent work.!

michellek 2 days ago

Great series, lot of puns, bad jokes, slurs, and whole lot of sensual seduction. But the season end is quite INSATIABLE.

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RadiationBoy 2 days ago

Any reason Penn % Teller S05 E06 wasn't' uploaded? Not aired? Not por!?

Nferia 2 days ago

I absolutely love this show! It's engaging. It has everything. Romance, action, magic, and sibling rivalry lol. Truth, lies, love, and violence. The perfect show for our time... Proving you can love whomever you wish. You just need to be willing to fight for it.

alltv 3 days ago

S09 e01 -

Hellfist 3 days ago

a great start, left me wanting much more and felt like a movie that i only got a few minutes in and had to turn off. As long as fire does not run around like a street hooker the whole time in the first season i think it will pass.

darkharvest 3 days ago

s9 e1

yumyummy420 3 days ago

yeah i know exactly what impatience happens to be considered a character flaw...and no im not talking about tonia because it isnt once/twice a week she spams comments bitching about how her favourite C-list superhero shows arent uploaded asap

Kruciphix 3 days ago

First i at least wait 15 minutes or more after the shows have aired and secondly read the definition of impatient.... and you're not talking about tonia1 complaining about the the links of hai5hi5ei or matrilinear on the uploaders notes or others who complain about links that doesn't work you just talk about ME ONLY ME. Stop Complaining about me. You said : just watch the f*cking shows and rate/comment them if you feel the patient with the uploaders and stop with the pointless trolling and bickering..I MHGKoobs was just doing that rate and comment the shows and Tonia1 ask this question : @MHGKoobs did they pay you to say that stuff? So WHY you are talking about me now when i was just trying do make sure that this here stays a comment/rate place.............................................Now i'm going to be smart and stop talking even if you are talking to be bye and have a nice day or night!!!

Georgiaboy9009 3 days ago

This is more interesting than the episode was

Georgiaboy9009 3 days ago
yumyummy420 3 days ago

when you spam the comments with things like "where is it" or "????????" 5 mintues after a show goes off most peoples definition, is complaining

Kruciphix 3 days ago

And it's not all i do sometime i try to help others too. But all you see is me complaining because this is the only thing you want to see so you can argue with me XD

Kruciphix 3 days ago

it's not about the shows*

Kruciphix 3 days ago

Ok it's about the shows not being uploaded 2 minutes afers they air that i'm complaining... i'm just impatient to see new episodes of the shows that i watch.. I'm thankful for her willingness to upload links if links are broken but sometime she do it while being mean to others... She has to lurn how to be nicer to people.

Rate :
Genres: Reality Game Show
Year : 2002
Episode Runtime: 60
First Aired: February 20, 2002
Status : Continuing

Watch Australian Survivor Online

TEN’s spectacular new family entertainment series is set on the stunning and rugged South Pacific island of Samoa, where contestants will be deprived of basic comforts and must build their own shelter, light their own fires, gather their own food and fend for themselves. Australian Survivor sees 24 tough and tenacious people marooned on a tropical island with little more than the clothes on their backs and the drive to be the sole survivor.

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Australian Survivor Episodes

Episode Name
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Matt Dyson as Matt Dyson
Anita Berkett as Anita Berkett
Steve Willis as Steve Willis
Jenna Austin as Jenna Austin
Brian Lake as Brian Lake
Tegan Gasior as Tegan Gasior
Steve Khouw as Steve Khouw
Paige Kerin as Paige Kerin
Benji Wilson as Benji Wilson
Shonee Fairfax as Shonee Fairfax
Shane Gould as Shane Gould
Moana Hope as Moana Hope
Monika Radulovic as Monika Radulovic
Samuel Hinton as Samuel Hinton
Mat Rogers as Mat Rogers
Damien Thomlinson as Damien Thomlinson
Russell Hantz as Russell Hantz
Zach Kozyrski as Zach Kozyrski
Jackie Glazier as Jackie Glazier
Robbie Skibicki as Robbie Skibicki
Lydia Lassila as Lydia Lassila
Fenella McGowan as Fenella McGowan
Sharn Coombs as Sharn Coombs
Heath Davies as Heath Davies
Tessa O'Halleran as Tessa O'Halleran
Tara Pitt as Tara Pitt
Sarah Tilleke as Sarah Tilleke
Samantha Gash as Samantha "Sam" Gash
Peter Conte as Peter Conte
Odette Blacklock as Odette Blacklock
Nicola Zagame as Nicola "Ziggy" Zagame
Michelle Dougan as Michelle Dougan
Mark Wales as Mark Wales
Mark Herlaar as Mark "Tarzan" Herlaar
Luke Toki as Luke Toki
Locklan Gilbert as Locklan "Locky" Gilbert
Kent Nelson as Kent Nelson
Kate Temby as Kate Temby
Joan Caballero as Joan Caballero
Jericho Malabonga as Jericho Malabonga
Jarrad Seng as Jarrad Seng
Jacqui Patterson as Jacqui Patterson
Henry Nicholson as Henry Nicholson
Ben Morgan as Ben Morgan
Anneliese Wilson as Anneliese Wilson
Aimee Stanton as Aimee Stanton
Adam Parkin as Adam Parkin
Aaron Knight as Aaron "AK" Knight
Tegan Haining as Tegan Haining
Sue Clarke as Sue Clarke
Sam Webb as Sam Webb
Rohan MacLaren as Rohan MacLaren
Phoebe Timmins as Phoebe Timmins
Peter Fiegehen as Peter Fiegehen
Nick Iadanza as Nick Iadanza
Matt Tarrant as Matt Tarrant
Lee Carseldine as Lee Carseldine
Kylie Evans as Kylie Evans
Kristie Bennett as Kristie Bennett
Kate Campbell as Kate Campbell
Katherine "Kat" Dumont as Kat Dumont
Jennah-Louise Salkeld as Jennah-Louise Salkeld
Felicity "Flick" Egginton as Flick Egginton
Evan Jones as Evan Jones
Elena "El" Rowland as El Rowland
Des Quilty as Des Quilty
Craig I'Anson as Craig I'Anson
Conner Bethune as Conner Bethune
Brooke Jowett as Brooke Jowett
Bianca Anderson as Bianca Anderson
Barry Lea as Barry Lea
Andrew Torrens as Andrew Torrens
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